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WATCH: Seth Meyers Gets Honest Answers Out of Sarah Sanders in Perfect Mock Briefing

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump For His Gun Control Meeting: You’re ‘The Magoo!’

Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s Military Parade: ‘So You’re Just Going Full Dictator Now’

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s ‘Delusional’ Self-Congratulations: ‘You Passed One Bill!’

Seth Meyers Mocks Omarosa’s Firing: Any Room She Walks Into Becomes The Situation Room

Alec Baldwin Dings Oliver, Colbert For Not Sticking to ‘Chit Chat’: Shows Look Like ‘Grand Juries’

Seth Meyers Will Host The 75th Golden Globe Awards

Megyn Kelly Hits Bill O’Reilly: Fox News ‘Has Got Some Great People… He Is Not One of Them’

Female Writers of Late Night Roast Harvey Weinstein: We’re ‘Shocked That People Are Shocked’

Trump Accuses Late Night Hosts of Conspiring With Democrats: ‘Should We Get Equal Time?’

Seth Meyers Dings Tillerson: ‘When Your Name Is Rex,’ You’re ‘Good at Rolling Over’

Seth Meyers: ‘Oh, The Nazis Had a Permit? Well F**k Me!’

Seth Meyers: ‘The Mooch Gave Us a Smooch After Spicey Screwed the Pooch’

Study: Trump Target of the Most Late Night Jokes of Any Early Presidency

Crisis Averted: Hollywood Writers Won’t Be Striking After All

Writers Guild of America Strike Could Shut Down Late Night Shows

Chris Hayes Slams Trump on Colbert: Lacks ‘Principles,’ ‘Not Particularly Well-Informed’

John Oliver Issues Warning After Trump Syria Strike: Everyone Should be ‘Very Worried’

Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show to Get His Own 11:30 p.m. Show

‘This is What’s Wrong With Washington D.C.’: Colbert Slams Plans to Sell Internet Browsing History

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