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Trevor Noah Tells Fox News to ‘Shut Up and Dribble’ For Not Addressing Gun Control

Fox Business Host Liz Claman: Hard As It Is to Believe, ‘Trump and Obama Are On the Same Team’

Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Trump’s Archbishop of Bullsh*t’ Sean Hannity Over Memo Coverage: ‘You Lost’

Rose McGowan: I’ve Launched a ‘Complete Social Engineering Project’

Piers Morgan Hits Back After Trevor Noah Calls Him ‘An Unf*ckable Colin Firth’

Trevor Noah Blasts Hillary Clinton Over Handling of Harassment Complaint: She Only Protected Herself

Trevor Noah Hits Trump While Presenting Grammy Nominations For Best Comedy Album

Trevor Noah Hits GOP For Deriding DREAMers as ‘Illegal’ Immigrants

Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s ‘Excellent’ Check-Up: ‘Did You Test For Racism?’

Trevor Noah Weighs in on Trump vs Bannon: ‘It’s Like Alien vs Sexual Predator’

Trevor Noah Reflects on ‘Year of Donald J. Trump’: ‘Most Terrifying and Funniest Thing’

Trevor Noah Mocks Fox News Slamming FBI, Mueller Probe: I Agree, Black Lives Matter

Trevor Noah: ‘Do Republicans Actually Care About Sexual Assault?’

#DentureDonald Dominates Twitter After The Daily Show Urges Viewers ‘Not’ To Tweet It

Trevor Noah Compares Trump’s FBI Tweets to Colin Kaepernick: They Say He’s ‘Disrespecting The Cops’

Trevor Noah Slams Matt Lauer: ‘Soon They’ll Have Enough Guys To Start Their Own Perv News Network’

Trevor Noah Hits Elizabeth Warren Over Native American Heritage Claim: She Did ‘Something Problematic’

Trevor Noah Mocks Pantsless John Conyers: He’s Like A ‘Civil Rights Winnie The Pooh’

Jon Stewart Crashes The Daily Show As ‘Bernie Bernstein’

Trevor Noah: Congress Can’t Find Money For Anything, Except $15M To Pay For Their Sexual Harassment

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