Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Buries Trump For Denying He Knows Whitaker After Saying He Did: He’s ‘Like the Tokyo Drift of Lying’

Trevor Noah: The Blue Wave Looked More Like a Smurf ‘Peeing’

Sen. Cory Booker Refers to Criminal Justice System as the ‘Cancer on the Soul of Our Country’

Kasich Says He’s Not The Kind of Person to ‘Wound’ Trump in 2020 Primary, Then Floats Independent Run

CNN’s Ana Navarro Insists She’s Still a ‘Republican,’ Stops Short of Endorsing Gillum

Trevor Noah: Fox News Seems Like a ‘Giant Caravan of Dangerous Extremists’

Andrew Gillum Compares Ron DeSantis, Trump to Pigs: ‘They Can Survive Getting Dirty… I Can’t’

Trevor Noah: ‘You Don’t Have To Be a Rocket Scientist’ to Connect Trump to Bomb Scares, Synagogue Shooting

Julián Castro: I Bet I Would Be First Presidential Candidate ‘With an Accent’ in The Name

Trevor Noah Rips Trump on Saudi Arabia: ‘He Wears His Moral Bankruptcy on His Sleeve’

Trevor Noah Rips Hillary For Deflecting From Husband’s Affair ‘Not in a Position to be Throwing Stones’

Trevor Noah Ridicules Conservative Criticism of Eric Holder: ‘Fox News Phony Victims Unit’

Trevor Noah Celebrates Taylor Swift Weighing Into Politics: ‘This is a Big Deal’

Trevor Noah: The GOP Has ‘Bulldozed Through the Me Too Movement’ to Confirm Kavanaugh

Trevor Noah Praises Trump For USMCA Trade Deal: He’s Delivering on the ‘Winning’

Trevor Noah Praises Senate GOPers For Inviting Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to Hearing

Trevor Noah: GOP Will Do Anything For a Conservative SCOTUS, ‘Even If It Means Normalizing Sexual Assault’

Trevor Noah: It’s Impossible For Trump to Talk About 9/11 ‘Without Being Totally Weird About It’

Trevor Noah Urges Viewers to Retweet Maria Bartiromo After She Claimed She Was Being ‘Shadow Banned’

April Ryan Accuses Trump WH Of Being Aggressive Towards Her Because She’s a Black Woman

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