Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah: It’s Impossible For Trump to Talk About 9/11 ‘Without Being Totally Weird About It’

Trevor Noah Urges Viewers to Retweet Maria Bartiromo After She Claimed She Was Being ‘Shadow Banned’

April Ryan Accuses Trump WH Of Being Aggressive Towards Her Because She’s a Black Woman

April Ryan: This WH is ‘Trying to Kill My Career,’ But ‘I’m Just a Journalist Who is an Activist For Truth’

Trevor Noah Torches Kaepernick Haters For Torching Their Nike Gear: Burning Shoe Vids Are ‘Almost Like an Ad’

Trevor Noah Slams Peter Strzok’s ‘Bullsh*t’ GoFundMe Page: ‘There Are Cancer Patients On That Site!’

Trevor Noah Likens Catholic Church to a ‘Molesting Club With an Opening Prayer’

Omarosa Blasts Trump For Doing ‘Nothing’ For Chicago: He Promised to ‘Reduce the Violence’

Omarosa: There’s One Way To Shut Trump Down… ‘Don’t Give Him The Oxygen’

Omarosa: You’re Not a ‘Pro-Black President’ When You Lock Your Only Black Assistant in the Situation Room

Trevor Noah Begs Trump to Go After Him: ‘WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?!?’

Trevor Noah Shreds Jim Jordan Over Alleged Sexual Abuse Enabling: ‘It Doesn’t Get More Scumbag Than That’

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Compares Trump to Stalin: Calling The Press ‘The Enemy’ is ‘Very Dangerious’

Trevor Noah Presses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘How Do You Pay’ For Free Health Care and Education?

Trevor Noah Mocks Michael Cohen: He’ll Take a Bullet For Trump ‘Until There’s an Actual Bullet to Take’

Trevor Noah Responds to French Ambassador’s Angry Letter After Joking Africa Won World Cup Instead of France

Trevor Noah Blasts Trump’s ‘Wouldn’t’ Clarification: ‘Get The F**k Outta Here!’

Trevor Noah Hits ‘KFC Agent’ Trump: He Put His Foot Down ‘Right on America’s D*ck’

Trevor Noah Blasts Media For Hyping Up SCOTUS ‘Battle’: Democrats Have ‘No Way To Stop’ Trump’s Pick

Trevor Noah Reacts to Justice Kennedy’s Retirement: ‘In Some Ways, It Feels Like All Hope is Dead’

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