Trump on Firing Deputy AG: ‘I Would Much Prefer Keeping Rod Rosenstein’


During a rare solo press conference in New York City, President Donald Trump was asked if he planned to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Here was his response:

I’m talking to him. We’ve had a good talk. He said he never said it. He said he doesn’t believe it. He said he has a lot of respect for me. And he was very nice and we’ll see. And he’s a member of the Trump Administration in that sense. It’s the Justice Department. I would certainly prefer not doing that. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. I mean, unless you call obstruction the fact that I fight back. I do fight back. I really fight back. I mean If you call that obstruction, that’s fine. But there’s no obstruction. There’s no collusion. I’m going to meet with him tomorrow. I may call Rod tonight or tomorrow and ask for a little bit of a delay to the meeting, because I don’t want to do anything that gets in the way of this very important Supreme Court pick. So I don’t want it competing and hurting the decision. One way or the other decision. Again, I want to hear what she has to say. But I don’t want to — so I may delay that. I’m going to see. I don’t want to do anything that’s going to conflict with that. But my preference would be to keep him.

He then went on to call the Russian probe a “witch hunt” before circling back and saying, “I would much prefer keeping Rod Rosenstein… He said he did not say it. He said he does not believe that. And nobody in this room believes it.”

The reporter then asked: “So you don’t think anyone in your administration has ever discussed using the 25th amendment against you?”

“I don’t think so. Well, yeah, enemies, sure,” he said.

“Within your administration or your cabinet?” the reporter further pressed.

“They’ll use anything they can! They’re not in love with me,” Trump began, not making it entirely clear he heard the “within your administration” part.

Watch above, via CNN

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