Tucker Carlson: ‘I Spent 48 Years Not Becoming a Conspiracy-Minded Nut’


Fox host Tucker Carlson wants viewers to know he’s “spent 48 years not becoming a conspiracy-minded nut.”

Speaking to Canadian author and political commentator Mark Steyn Thursday night, Carlson maintained his efforts paid off, preventing him from becoming “a tinfoil hat guy.”

He made the remarks during a discussion on Second Amendment rights and the potential of big banks to cut down on gun sales following the Parkland shooting massacre as they weigh credit card bans on certain firearms sales. Carlson also noted the localized assault weapons ban in Deerfield, Illinois where residents would face fines of $1,000 for hanging on to their guns.

“I would advise people to contested because I think that is absolutely outrageous and it’s intended basically to intimidate people into giving up something which the day before yesterday was entirely lawful for them to have,” Steyn responded.

Carlson said the rule makes “American citizens do something they don’t want to do.”

“The pressure to control seems to be coming from corporate America which is hard for some conservatives to get their heads around because they think we are on each other’s side,” he remarked.

“I have to say I noticed the same people who are pushing for social control using financial instruments like credit cards are the same ones calling for a cashless society and you’ll be dependent upon credit cards.”

Following the Parkland massacre, Carlson contended that lawmakers were using survivors “in a kind of moral blackmail,” implying they were political pawns used to enact gun control.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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