Tucker Carlson: ‘It’s Not Really Journalism What CNN is Practicing Anymore; It’s Advocacy’


On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson slammed CNN after the network cut away from President Trump‘s rally he held in Cedar Rapids, IA this week.

Carlson noted that CNN dipped out of Trump’s rally roughly seven minutes into it to discuss Jared Kushner‘s security clearances and that MSNBC didn’t even broadcast any of it, but spent the night talking about alleged collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin.

“MSNBC I get actually, they know who their audience is. That doesn’t bother me,” he began. “CNN’s supposed to be a news channel and they talk about Trump a lot and here they have a chance to actually show Trump talking but they cut away.”

The Hill‘s Joe Concha (a Mediaite alum) quoted a snapshot MRC study from May that showed CNN talked about Trump 92% of the time. And he theorized as to why the network would cut away from his rally.

“When you’re so myopic on a particular person, in this case the president, why wouldn’t you cover him live to actually hear what he has to say?” Concha began. “Unless that unfiltered version of Trump doesn’t allow for commentary, punditry, or speculation around the latest ‘bombshell’ that came via unnamed sources.”

He then brought up Wednesday night’s ratings, which showed Fox News had more than quadruple the viewers than CNN during Trump’s rally, concluding that it was not the wisest business or editorial decisions for these journalism outlets to not show the rally.

Carlson responded.

“But it’s not really journalism what CNN is practicing anymore; it’s advocacy,” he stated. “And again, that’s okay! I think there’s a role for advocacy, but why does the channel continue to brand itself as a news outlet?”

Concha answered by saying that’s “tough to sell” but agreed with Carlson’s assessment.

Last night, Fox News host Martha MacCallum defended CNN when Newt Gingrich blasted the network as “propaganda.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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