Tucker Carlson Labels Mexico a Hostile Country, Asks Why Military Hasn’t Been Sent To Border


At the top of his program this evening, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson weighed in on the story that has grabbed President Donald Trump’s attention the past couple of days — the “caravans” of immigrants making their way through Mexico in hopes of crossing the US border.

After delivering a fiery monologue about the subject, the conservative host brought on Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughan to discuss the issue. Vaughan said the United States needed to use leverage against Mexico to make them stop migrants from other countries from traveling through Mexico in hopes of crossing into the United States.

While Vaughan was leaning more towards using economic pressure against Mexico when it came to migration issues, Carlson wondered aloud why the US doesn’t just send the military down to the border.

“So 60,000 Americans died last year from drug abuse and most of those drugs came from Mexico,” he stated. “They are a hostile country. They are abetting the movement of these people here. Would it be possible to send the military to our border? Honestly, why is this not a hostile act against our country?”

Following his interview with Vaughan, Carlson brought on Border Angels’ Enrique Morones. Considering Border Angels is an organization dedicated to migrant outreach and provides water drops and rescue stations along the US-Mexican border, you can guess how the segment went.

Morones immediately exclaimed that “Mexico is not a hostile nation,” causing Carlson to quickly respond by saying “of course it is.”

At one point, Morones challenged Carlson to provide proof that the Mexican government is training people on how to get into the United States illegally. Carlson said: “I win with superior knowledge here.”

“More like superior arrogance,” Morones snarked, adding that Carlson’s “racism is well known.”

The two would go back and forth for a few more minutes, which you can see in the clip above.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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