Mark Steyn Praises Book About White Genocide While Appearing On Tucker Carlson Tonight


Earlier this year, conservative commentator and frequent Tucker Carlson Tonight guest Mark Steyn found himself at the center of a whole lotta outrage after he trashed immigrants, complained that Arizona is becoming too brown and Hispanic, and noted that at least “white supremacists are citizens” during a hit with Tucker Carlson.

It looks like more controversy is about to follow him after another Tucker appearance.

During a segment about the recent reports that migrants are moving through Mexico to cross the US border, Steyn not only referenced a 1973 French novel that is popular with white supremacists, he praised it. After Carlson complained that liberals and members of the mainstream media were demonizing immigration hawks and calling them heartless, Steyn said the book The Camp of Saints “predicted what is happening.”

“A bunch of people got in a ship in India and sailed for the south of France in this novel and all of the media commented — like the CNN guy you just quoted — what is the big deal about this,” Steyn said, describing the book. “We are the sinful ones and we are the ones with the stain of all of the wicked isms of our past. Imperialism. Colonialism. Racism. And these people are the virtuous ones, they let them in, and they will redeem us.”

Carlson then asked Steyn if he believed he had been “softened up” and told to “shut up and obey,” all so it will get to the moment that he will be told to step aside and “let people come in your place.”

Steyn went on to explain that he isn’t being anti-immigrant because he is an immigrant, but that it is rather boring because he has to file a lot of paperwork. However, per Steyn, the left appropriated the term and now it is “an army of people” who don’t bother with the paperwork and now just come from “impoverished countries.”

“They have the virtuous right to walk into the country,” Steyn declared, to Carlson’s approval.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, the book is popular with “white nationalists as it describes the white genocide conspiracy theory, it has been widely denounced as racist and compared to The Turner Diaries and Mein Kampf.”

And the Southern Poverty Law Center has this to say about the book:


Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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