Tucker Carlson on New Emojis: ‘I Sense This is Bad, I Can’t Articulate Why’

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson and Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs sat down to discuss the latest batch of emojis that were recently released.

“Teenagers across the country are excited,” Carlson began. “I sense this is bad. I can’t articulate why.”

Rowe said that we “started with Hyroglifics” and it appears “we may have gone full circle.” And while he admitted that he couldn’t whip up much “righteous indignation” over emojis, they still “trouble” him.

“There are hundreds of these things,” he elaborated, “and they’ve seemed to assume every possible expression, every nuance of feeling seems to now be accessible in this endless pile of emojis… but now we have to choose which ones to use.”

“It does seem like they’re bypassing language,” Carlson reacted and asked Rowe why people aren’t choosing the English language instead.

Rowe theorized that the rising popularity of emojis has something to do with “the general assault on conventional norms of work.”

“You have to ask regarding emojis, what’s next? I mean, just grunts? Interpretive dance?” he joked.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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