Tucker Carlson Trashes John Bolton: A ‘Bureaucratic Tapeworm’ Who ‘Blunders Into Obvious Catastrophes’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opened his show Friday night praising President Donald Trump‘s decision not to bomb Iran and tearing into the president’s national security adviser, John Bolton.

Carlson said Trump made the right call––knocking a CNN national security analyst “attack[ing] the president for not killing enough people”––before calling last night “a high point” for Trump:

“Bombing Iran would have ended his political career in a minute. There would be no chance of re-election after that. Ill-advised wars are like doing cocaine, the initial rush rises your poll numbers but the crash is inevitable.”

The reason the U.S. was so close to starting a war, he continued, was because “the neocons still wield enormous power in Washington,” particularly Bolton.

Carlson recalled a fiery interview he had with Bolton, remarking upon how Bolton denied “ever being wrong ever, about anything”:

“According to John Bolton, [Iraq’s] a raging success. We killed hundreds of thousands of people, lost thousands of our own troops, spent more than $1 trillion all to eliminate a WMD threat that despite John Bolton’s assurances, never existed in the first place. Bolton is glad we did all that. Really happy about it. That’s demented. Normal people don’t talk about that. There’s nothing normal about John Bolton.”

He called Bolton a “bureaucratic tapeworm” who never suffers despite the pain and suffering he’s inflicted on others.

“His life really is Washington in a nutshell. Blunder into obvious catastrophes again and again, refuse to admit blame, and then demand more of the same. That’s the John Bolton life cycle,” Carlson added.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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