WATCH: CNN Debate Erupts After Stephen Moore Calls the Economy Strongest in 20 Years


On Thursday, a CNN panel exploded after informal White House advisor Stephen Moore insisted that the economy was stronger than it has been in the last 20 years despite the fact a senior GOP leader on Capitol Hill told CNN’s Jim Acosta that “the wheels may be coming off” and a number of GOP leaders have stepped up to express concern.

“Well, it’s been a terrible week for Donald Trump, no question about it. I can’t speak to Syria and the foreign policy issues because that’s not my expertise,” Moore opined. “But look, I mean, when you talk about the wheels coming off, we’ve got the strongest economy we’ve had in 20 years.”

Fellow panelist Joan Walsh did not let that go unchecked.

“Why’d the market go down 1,700 points in the past 5 trading days?” host Erin Burnett challenged.

Moore, though, was quick to say it was was not Trump’s fault.

“Because of this catastrophic decision by the fed which, by the way, Trump was right about this. He called out the fed back in September,” Moore insisted.

Then after Burnett called him out for his claim, Walsh said this: “I’m not going to let Stephen hijack this conversation on a day like today and come back to the strong economy.”

Moore was not done nor did he stop talking over the two women.

“Steve, Steve, Steve, guys, guys, guys, just by talking — just by talking loudly, then nobody can hear you, okay? I get it, you’re angry,” host Erin Burnett cautioned, prompting Moore to blame Walsh.

“I couldn’t hear because she keeps talking over me!” he said as an excuse for his own raised voice.

Burnett then scolded Moore saying he was “talking non-stop.”

Then after a bit more crosstalk and back and forth and attempt to move the conversation away from  the economy, Moore tried to claim that Trump should take his argument for border security to the American people.

That prompted Walsh to snap back: “History is going to judge folks who made this economy argument very poorly.”

She added that she would relish the fight in Washington DC over the shutdown if it were not for the fact innocent people would be furloughed at Christmas and caught in the crosshairs.

“Let’s have a fight about border security,” Moore said, showing no signs of relenting. “I’m with you on that. Let’s have a fight.”

“We won the fight, as a matter of fact,” Walsh replied. “We won the fight because we had an election last month and your team got it butt kicked.”

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