Jim Acosta: Top House Republican Reacted to Mattis Resignation By Saying ‘The Wheels May Be Coming Off’


Washington D.C. is reeling following Thursday’s bombshell resignation of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. According to CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, a senior GOP leader on Capitol Hill believes that “the wheels may be coming off” the embattled Trump administration.

In a conversation with CNN host Wolf Blitzer and reporting from the White House lawn, Acosta revealed a text he received from someone described as a “top House Republican who supports the president” and “is in a national security role up on Capitol Hill.” Acosta revealed that he received a text from this individual in response to  news of Secretary Mattis’s resignation with “the wheels may be coming off.”

Acosta added that even among the President Trump’s own supporters, who “may not want to say it publicly” but there is some concern that “there is just too much chaos happening all at once over here at this White House.”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of CNN.

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