Watch Stephanie Ruhle Grin, Anthony Scaramucci Squirm as MSNBC Guest INCINERATES Wall Street for Shocking Political Ineptitude


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci had to take a backseat to Jake Sherman on Wednesday as the Politico reporter bashed Wall Street analysts for their disconnect with stalled negotiations in Washington.

Scaramucci and Sherman joined Ruhle on MSNBC Live, where the former began by slamming Donald Trump’s coronavirus mismanagement, plus his decision to stop negotiating Covid relief measures with Congress until the election is over. When Sherman was asked for his take, he began by speaking of the fiscal gap between the proposals from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Republicans, but then he turned his focus toward “Wall Street analysts who largely know nothing and don’t understand the political landscape.”

“Of course there’s a number in the middle. There’s always a number in the middle of two numbers. That number was impossible to to reach because of political dynamics,” Sherman said. “Even if they met at that number in the middle…that doesn’t mean there would have been a deal…Truth is, they’ve been in these two positions now for 12 to 15 weeks. They haven’t moved. Markets are woefully uneducated about Washington.”

Sherman continued to slam Wall Street for the “idiocy” of their overconfidence in a stimulus deal, saying they “should spend a day in Washington and talking to people because they are just completely out of their minds.”

“Jake is hitting you where it hurts” a smiling Ruhle said to Scaramucci, who responded “they should not do that.”

Sherman continued.

It’s unbelievable that people are in charge of money who don’t understand the basics of legislative politics. These people in any other business — Wall Street analysts putting 90 percent on a stimulus deal — any other business would be put away for fraud. It’s just complete nonsense. Anybody with a brain understood this.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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