WATCH: Trump Ignores Jim Acosta’s Questions About March on Washington as Aides Loudly Chase Reporters From Oval Office


Reporters engaged in what the pool report described as a “mini-standoff” with White House staffers as they continued asking President Donald Trump questions in the Oval Office even after aides tried to chase them from the room.

The correspondents were gathered Friday afternoon to watch Trump announce his full pardon of Alice Johnson — who served 22 years in jail. Johnson spoke at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, during which she celebrated the First Step Act, a Trump-backed bipartisan criminal justice bill.

“We’re giving Alice a full pardon. We are going to do it right now,” Trump said after praising her for doing an “incredible job” seeking prisoners who are eligible for release.

Despite the bill and his decision to pardon Johnson, the president has not publicly addressed the police shooting of 29-year-old Black man Jacob Blake, nor has he reached out to his family members.

Following Trump’s Oval Office remarks, CNN’s Jim Acosta can be heard asking the president about the March on Washington, which occurred amid the president’s pardon, as well as police brutality in the United States. The president did not answer.

“A cacophony of questions and a mini-standoff as wranglers urged press to leave, but reporters kept asking,” according to the White House pool report. “Jim Acosta asked questions about March on Washington, police brutality. POTUS said nothing.”

Watch above, via Fox 10 Phoenix.

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