WH Spox Deals Crushing Blow to Embattled EPA Chief: ‘I Can’t Speak to the Future of Scott Pruitt’

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley all but outright said Thursday that Scott Pruitt will not last much longer as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt has been under major scrutiny lately over his dealings with lobbyists and the unsanctioned pay raise for two of his top staffers. While the EPA chief has denied any involvement in the pay raise controversy, things went pretty badly for him last night when he was pressed on these matters by Fox News’ Ed Henry.

Gidley appeared on America’s Newsroom today, and host Sandra Smith asked the White House spokesperson to discuss Pruitt’s future in the Trump Administration.

Turns out, there may not be one.

“I can’t speak to the future of Scott Pruitt,” Gidley said. “I can just talk about where we are now. The White House is aware of these reports. We’re looking into those. We don’t have any announcements to make as regards to staffing right now, but we’re aware and we believe some of these questions need to be answered.”

When Smith asked him to elaborate, Gidley said President Trump demands accountability and the “highest level of ethics” from all his administrative officials. In terms of whether Pruitt meets those standards, Gidley would only say the White House was looking into it.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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