White House Spox Admits Border Wall May Not Be a Wall: It’s a ‘Border Wall System’

During an appearance on CNN this morning, White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp essentially told host Brianna Keilar that President Donald Trump‘s long-touted border wall with Mexico is mostly just in our hearts, and that we shouldn’t expect an actual, physical wall.

Discussing the divisive issue of funding the wall and how Democrats are pushing for DACA protections in return during budget talks, Schlapp noted that the wall represents “border security” and “protecting our heartland.” This then shifted to reports that the administration has requested billions of dollars for a wall.

With Keilar stating that this funding request appears to be for a physical wall, Schlapp jumped in to state that it is actually for a “border wall system.”

“Do you understand what a ball border wall system is?” Schlapp asked Keilar. “It is a physical wall and in certain areas, if you look at where the wall would be placed you can’t somehow put some physical barriers — that’s where you need personnel and technology. So it is a — it’s a border wall system.”

After the CNN host said she was trying to understand, Schlapp shot back, telling Keilar that she didn’t get why she was stuck on a “brick and mortar” border wall.

“There are different components to it,” she added.

“Because of what the president himself has talked about,” Keilar answered back. The White House spokesperson reiterated that “by saying building the wall, it clearly means there’s a technology component to it” and border agents are a big component of it.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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