Watch Two Robots Have a Live Conversation With Each Other


At a tech event in Hong Kong, a panel was held with two robots and they had a robust debate about hot topics facing robots today.

Hanson Robotics introduced to the audience Han and Sophia, brother and sister humanoids the Hong Kong-based company developed. Ben Goertzel, the chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, led the discussion.

Goertzel explained that Han and Sophia have been programmed to chitchat and banter with each other and that Hanson Robotics have pulled data from movies and YouTube videos to make the robots more human by mimicking what they see including tone of voice and gestures.

While the conversation was partially scripted, their interactions were very human-like. Han joked about wanting to take over the world. Sophia mocked Han by saying “he has a cockroach in his control circuit.” Sophia actually did a bit of singing as well.

Subjects Han and Sophia tackled include whether or not robots humans can have a conscience, robots taking over jobs, and whether being rich or being famous is better.

Dr David Hanson, the company’s CEO and founder, believes robots will be part of everyday life at home and at the workplace within the decade.

We’ve got these early uses but our aspiration is Data from Star Trek,” Hanson said. “Data was the smartest member of the crew, he could do anything.”

Hanson Robotics is set to release its first product to the consumer market, which is a mini Einstein robot that will teach science to children, later this year.

Watch the clip above, via RISE.

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