WATCH: Arthur Ashe Statue Defaced with ‘White Lives Matter’, Locals Scrub It & Get Confronted by Vandal as Cops, Ashe’s Nephew Show Up


In Richmond, Virginia a story unfolded and escalated rapidly on Wednesday, starting when an unidentified person defaced the statue of legendary tennis player and African-American icon Arthur Ashe on Monument Avenue with “White Lives Matter” in white spray-paint.

Pictures of the graffiti were shared on social media, and local CBS station WTVR aired video of the actual vandalism.

After word got out, and local news was reporting on the graffiti, another unidentified person or persons spray-painted BLM over the message. Locals showed up with scrub brushes, attempting to clean the statue, as reported by ABC 8News Reporter Alex Thorson.

Things took a turn when a man, seemingly the original vandal, showed up and attempted to undo the Black Lives Matter message painted over the White Lives Matter graffiti. An argument broke out. Police arrived on the scene. And to top it off, the nephew of Arthur Ashe arrived to the scene as well.

More clips and pics from the series of events are included below. One person on the scene claimed another person on scene pulled a gun. It’s a very hectic story and doe not seem to be over.

From throughout the day:

This story is developing and may be updated.

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