Jesse Watters: Republicans Now Have ‘Get Out of Jail Free Cards’ Because of Racism From Virginia Dems

Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax Says He Won’t Step Down in New Interview After Two Sexual Assault Allegations

Fox & Friends on Yale Student Telling Peers to Document ‘White Boy’ Transgressions: ‘How is That Not Racist?’

SNL’s Weekend Update Takes on Virginia Blackface Scandals, Gucci Sweaters and Liam Neeson

CNN’s State of the Union Blows Up Over Northam and Racism: ‘This is Not About President Donald Trump!’

Ralph Northam Tells CBS He’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’: VA ‘Needs Someone That Can Heal’

Former Congresswoman on Fox News: 2020 Democrats Have to Deal With ‘The Virginia Tar Baby’

Ralph Northam Says He’s Planning ‘Reconciliation Tour’ in New Interview: ‘I Have a Lot More to Learn’

Former VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe Calls For Fairfax’s ‘Immediate Resignation’ After Second Sex Assault Allegation

The Late Show Previews the Next Virginia Politician Scandal: ‘We Ate a Drifter Who We Boiled in a Cannibal Cookpot’

VA Sen. Mark Warner: ‘This Has Been an Awful Week For Virginia’

Twitter Blows Up Amid NEW Blackface Scandal and Report on Profane Fairfax Remarks: ‘What’s the Matter With Virginia?’

BREAKING: Virginia Attorney General Admits to Wearing Blackface at College Party

Longtime Northam Friend Defends Him on CNN: So Many People Say They’ve ‘Not Seen a Racist Bone in His Body’

Tapper Asks Former VA Gov. McAuliffe if Northam Has ‘Been a Racist’: ‘I Have Zero Indication of That’

Bret Baier Swipes at Other Networks: If Northam Was Republican, Photo Scandal Would Be Leading News

VA Governor Northam’s Yearbook Page Features People in Blackface and a KKK Robe

‘A Lot of Misinformation’: VA State Delegate Kathy Tran Defends Her Abortion Bill in New Video

Former VA Gov. Rips Unite the Right Protesters: People Don’t Feel the Need to Hide Under Hoods Anymore

Dem Congressional Candidate Leslie Cockburn Calls Out GOP Opponent for His Love of Bigfoot Erotica

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