Cenk Uygur: ‘It’s an Insult to Everyone Who Voted for Joe Biden that He Refuses to Fight Back against Donald Trump’


Frequent readers of Mediaite know that we have long credited Young Turks’ founder and host Cenk Uygur’s willingness to hit back at his political opponents, a rare trait for those on the progressive end of the political spectrum. His lead role on the “fighting left” was on full display during a Thursday night segment in which he called out President-elect Joe Biden’s unwillingness to actively fight back on President Donald Trump’s specious effort to overturn the election results which he clearly lost.

Uygur’s pique came in response to Trump and his legal team’s efforts to disenfranchise the predominantly African-American voters in Detroit and persuade Michigan’s Republican state legislators to overturn the will of the state’s voters. Uygur says he has grown increasingly exasperated at the Biden camp’s seeming unwillingness to combat the low-speed coup currently underway. When Biden announced he was holding a press conference to address the matter, Cenk says he felt some relief. The feeling was short-lived.

“Apparently [Biden] called the press conference to say, ‘No, I’m not going to do anything.’ You might want to open your mouth and talk about how they’re trying to steal the election,” Cenk says, addressing Biden directly. “They are on the opposite side of you. They’re right now trying to end democracy because they’re un-American. they’d rather have power than have a democracy. You might want to make that point so that people understand what is happening… The Republicans are the worst in terms of what they actually do and the Democrats are the worst in fighting back for their voters, for everybody – it’s an insult to everyone who voted for Joe Biden that he refuses to fight back against Donald Trump.”

Cenk similarly has no time or patience for members of the Democratic establishment he describes as “the weakest, most neutered people on the planet,” who insist that there’s nothing Biden and Democrats can possibly do to fight Trump.

“What could they possibly do? Here’s what they could do,” he says. “There are two federal laws that Donald Trump potentially broke by reaching out to people who are certifying the election. It is interfering with an election and voting rights. These are the same two federal laws that Lindsey Graham also might have violated by interfering with the Georgia Secretary of State. One carries a one-year prison sentence. The Democratic leadership could say, ‘Look, we don’t know yet whether Donald Trump has broken the law by interfering with this election but if he has – and we are going to absolutely positively pursue this to the end of the Earth – we guarantee you that Donald Trump will sit in a prison cell for trying to steal this election and for trying to end our democracy. Not on our watch. This is a democracy, people’s vote counts, we’re going to fight for our voters and we’re going to fight for America.’”

The point, Cenk explains, is to take the fight to Trump, change the media discussion, and shift the public narrative away from what Biden allegedly did to what Trump is currently doing.

“Now we’re having a giant national conversation,” Cenk says, “and everybody is talking about, ‘Should Trump go to prison? Did he break the law? Are they trying to steal the election?’ But are we currently having any of those conversations? No, the only people talking about stealing the election are the Republicans pretending the Democrats stole it. Oh my god [Democrats] are so bad at politics. That’s why Joe Biden barely won against a racist, fascist, idiot con man. He could barely beat him this time and they lost to him last time. The Democratic Party is abysmal and we’ve got to turn that ship around immediately. These guys are going to get killed in 2024 – and that’s if they manage to take the White House in an election they actually won.”

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