CNN’s Toobin Dismisses ‘Rinky-Dink’ New Poll Showing Biden Down: It’s ‘Kind of a Joke’


The new poll out today everyone’s buzzing about shows Joe Biden down and both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders tied at 20%, followed by Biden veep at 19%.

There’s been some skepticism of the poll, given the margin of error and small sample size. On CNN tonight, Jeffrey Toobin joined in as the Situation Room panel dissected the poll.

Wolf Blitzer started the segment by noting the margin of error and the difference between the Monmouth poll and a recent CNN poll showing Biden with a comfortable lead.

Toobin practically rolled his eyes at the Monmouth poll:

“Come on, that 298 sample, that’s a rinky-dink poll. Sorry, I mean, Monmouth has often done good work, but I think that poll itself is kind of a joke.”

He did add that the enthusiasm and big crowds at rallies for Warren do matter.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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