Doug Schoen: Mike Bloomberg Will Not Endorse Joe Biden for Possible 2020 Election Run


Bloomberg advisor and Fox News analyst Doug Schoen says former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg will not endorse former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential election and will instead focus on the issues he cares about. After considering running for president and hinting about it for months, Bloomberg had finally released a statement Tuesday evening saying he will not be running for president in 2020.

Schoen described himself and Bloomberg as centrist Democrats on Fox Business Wednesday and said the former mayor believes certain issues are better fought for privately. He added Bloomberg will not fight for the impeachment of President Donald Trump as some of his Democratic peers are doing.

“He had a statement yesterday where he said candidly he wasn’t sure he could win a Democratic primary given the leftward drift of the party,” Schoen of Bloomberg. “He felt, and I believe he would have been a very good general election candidate, but he made a more substantive point, which is politics is such all-pervasive thing, that he felt on issues he cared about, like climate and guns he could get more done as a non-candidate than he could be running.”

Schoen said Bloomberg may potentially support a 2020 presidential candidate “down the road.” Asked whether he thinks Bloomberg will support Biden for the 2020 election, Schoen said no.

“I think reading the statement, having spoken to him at this point he really is going to do what he said,” said Schoen. “He is not a man of, you know, guile or political games. He said his focus was on issues. He is going to stick with that and I have no sense that he’s going to make an endorsement anytime soon.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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