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Janice Dean Reveals Don Imus Pointed Gun at Colleague, Named a Bullet After Her

In her new book, Janice Dean goes in depth with the negative experiences she had with radio host Don Imus before she started working for Fox News.

Hollywood Reporter picked up on numerous segments of Mostly Sunny, and beyond Dean’s description of Roger Ailesinappropriate behavior, she recalled how Imus was chauvinistic, insulting and threatening when she worked with him. Beyond Imus’ hostile behavior, Dean writes that constantly reminded people that he carried a gun with him at all times.

Here’s one disturbing anecdote Dean provides:

“One morning [Imus] came out of the on-air studio, stopped, and pointed his gun a few feet away from the back of the traffic reporter’s head. And snickered to himself. … Sometimes he would take the bullets out in front of us one by one and say, ‘This one could be for Bernie. This one could be for Lou, and JANICE …’ Yes, he named the bullets after us. How sweet.”

Dean also claims Imus once called a Jewish intern a “f*cking moron” and said, “I’ll shoot that fucking beanie off your head so fast it’ll make your head spin.” There was also an incident where Dean felt uncomfortable when Imus promoted an electric toothbrush on his show one day, “and decided it would be funny if I came in and he turned on the toothbrush and I would fake an orgasm.”

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