Former Aid Worker Freed from Egyptian Prison by Trump Recounts His Cringeworthy Oval Office Gloating, Tweets Support for Biden


Former Rescued Aid Worker Freed by Trump Pledges Support to Biden

On the day before Election Day, former aid worker Aya Hijazi, who President Donald Trump’s administration helped free from an Egyptian prison, recounted how uncomfortable he made her when they met in person and encouraged voters to choose his opponent, Joe Biden.

Hijazi was unjustly sent to a Cairo prison in 2014 and languished there for three years, despite efforts by the Obama administration to free her. Not long After Trump came into office in 2017, he convinced Egypt’s dictator, Abdel el-Sisi to release her, and she returned back to the United States.

Upon coming home, she made a publicity stop at the White House, and the Trump administration released an incredibly weird video to accompany the moment — one that bathed Trump in praise and allusions to the nation’s Founders. During Hijazi’s meeting with Trump, she profusely thanked him but, at times, she clearly seemed uncomfortable.

She revealed more of the backstory on Monday, recounting how Trump privately gloated over his ability to free her — and his predecessor’s failure to do so — while not-so-subtly emphasizing that she owed him a personal debt of gratitude.

“Trump leaned in & said, ‘you know it’s I who released you, don’t you? I succeeded & Obama failed,'” Hijazi recalled, of what she said was “the most vulnerable moment of my life.”

“It was never about me like it was never about us,” she concluded from his crass remarks. “It’s about his ego. We deserve better #VoteBiden.”

Hijazi elaborated on her conflicted feelings from Trump’s implied burden of loyalty in a subsequent tweet.

“I felt torn after the meeting worried about not being a loyal person as Trump demands loyalty as a means of maintaining control,” she explained. “But the government should not help citizens to make them loyal; it should do help b/c its the right thing to do.”

She then added the hashtag: #VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica


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