‘Our Democracy is Being Tested’: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Urges Calm, Patience as Keystone State Counts Vote


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) urged calm amid the keystone state’s voting delay amid the presidential race — noting that “our democracy is being tested.”

Wolf began by reminding constituents that a key aspect of democracy is the guarantee that every citizen’s vote counts towards every election.

“That has been the promise of democracy since 1787 and it’s still the promise of democracy,” he added. “And I intend here in Pennsylvania to make sure we keep that promise.”

The governor noted that counties are still counting ballots and reporting on results, adding that this was an expected aspect of absentee voting.

“That takes longer than the way we used to do it with the stand-in, in-person voting,” he said. “We may not know the results even today but the most important thing is that we have accurate results. Again, even if that takes a little longer than we’re used to. Make no mistake, our democracy is being tested in this election. This was a stress test of the ideals upon which this country was founded and the basic rule of one person, one vote, that still carries and has to carry here.”

Wolf added that U.S. democracy has faced and overcome challenges before.

“I have full faith that we will similarly meet this moment, and I will do everything within my power to ensure the results are fair and that every vote is counted,” he said. “Pennsylvania will have a fair election, and that election will be free of outside influences. I will vigorously, and we all will vigorously defend against any attempt to attack that vote in Pennsylvania.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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