Dylan Mulvaney Shrugs Off Bud Light Controversy, Denounces ‘Transphobia and Hate’ in Award Acceptance Speech


Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney referenced the controversy surrounding her marketing partnership with Bud Light during a speech she gave at the 2023 Streamy Awards.

Mulvaney appeared on stage at the award show to accept the statuette for Breakout Creator. As she celebrated being a “musical theater gal with a Streamy,” the Days of Girlhood creator said, “My life has been changed for the better, but on the flip side, there’s also been an extreme amount of transphobia and hate.”

“I know that my community is feeling it, and I now know that even our allies are feeling it,” Mulvaney said. “I look around this room, and I just see so many amazing allies that have platforms, and I think ally-ship right now needs to look differently, and you need to support trans people publicly and proudly.”

I think the trans community and the creator community actually have something in common, and that’s that people often underestimate us. But I know that we can stay optimistic about just the future of trans-ness in general, because if we can influence people to buy $22 Erewhon Smoothies, we can also do this!

Mulvaney topped off her speech by thanking the audience again before declaring, “I’m gonna go have a beer, and I love ya.” This would appear to be a nod to all of the backlash Mulvaney saw when she partnered with Bud Light for a promotional campaign that anti-trans people broadly denounced.

The influencer spoke about her Streamy’s win with PEOPLE, telling the magazine, “It just means a lot to me, but I also think that the fact a trans person can win an award like this in such a scary time of transphobia — it makes me feel like there’s hope.”

Watch above via The Streamy Awards.

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