Mel Gibson, Inexplicably, Set to Star in a New Comedy Film Rothschild


Mel Gibson is set to star in an upcoming film: A satire apparently based on the Rothschild family.

The controversial actor and filmmaker made enough headlines recently after news broke that he’s going to star in an Christmas move. But on Monday, reports came in that director Jon S. Baird has tapped Gibson and Shia LaBeouf to be the leads in his latest flick: Rothschild. Hollywood Reporter described the project as a “black comedy” that will tell the story of Becket Rothschild (played by LaBeouf), who clashes with grandfather Whitelaw Rothschild (Gibson) as he works to take his place among New York’s wealthy elite.

The film is clearly based on the Rothschild family, which has been central to anti-semitic conspiracy theories for centuries. Conspiracy theorists blamed the Rothschilds for controlling everything from politicians to the weather.

Given Gibson’s history of anti-Semitic controversies, a backlash on social media has ensued over how he could possibly be be tapped for such a film. During a DUI arrest back in 2006, Gibson unleashed a tirade of anti-Jewish slurs and claimed “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Gibson later said the release of the arrest report to the public was “not fair.” He’s also been accused of pushing anti-Semitic stereotypes with his film, Passion of the Christ.

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