Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson (Yes That Mel Gibson) on Weinstein Revelations: ‘Pain is a Precursor to Change’

‘A Very Good Drug Addict’: Watch Chelsea Handler Struggle to Say Nice Things About Charlie Sheen, Others

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Mel Gibson Finds It ‘Annoying’ That People Keep Bringing Up Anti-Semitic Rant

Mel Gibson’s Concise on Batman vs. Superman: ‘It’s a Piece of Sh*t’

What Did Ricky Gervais Say to Mel Gibson That Got Him Bleeped at Golden Globes?

Golden Globe For Awkward Goes to Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson

Anti-Defamation League Blasts Gary Oldman’s ‘Prejudiced’ Comments

Gary Oldman Rails Against PC ‘Crap,’ Liberal Double Standards in Hollywood

Mel Gib-zing! GOP Rep Peter King Says Payroll Tax Fight Was More Gallipoli Than Braveheart

Mediaite Historical Society Presents: Glenn Beck’s No-Holds-Barred Interview With Mr. T

Eric Bolling’s Panel Wonders Whether Ed Schultz Is ‘Drinking Or Doing Drugs’

BuzzFeed Week In Review: The Most Viral Stories Of The Last Week

How Jewish Editorials Are Responding To A Week Of Bigotry

The Ten Worst Media Disasters of 2010

Mel Gibson’s Ex Tells Larry King She Feared She Wouldn’t ‘Live Through The Night’

Postal Worker Claims He Got Fired For Recording Customer’s N-Word Rant

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