WATCH: Former NASA Engineer Pranks Mail Thieves With Glitter Bombs


Stealing packages off of peoples’ doorsteps has become an unfortunate annoyance for many in the golden age of online shopping. Porch pirates roam through neighborhoods, searching for unattended parcels, swiping them and causing dread for many, especially during the holiday season.

But, thieves beware… your next “victim” may be pulling a fast one on you.

Following an experience where he had an item stolen from his front door, former NASA engineer Mark Rober decided to take matters into his own hands.

“This guy took a package from my porch and now he’s about to open it in his car, but what he doesn’t know is this is a custom-built bait package that is recording him on four different cameras, and it’s about to unleash a pound of the world’s finest glitter, along with some other surprises,” Rober narrates in a viral Youtube video. “But to understand how he got to this point, first, we need to rewind a bit.”

Rober explains that earlier this year, he was notified about a package that had been delivered, but when he went to get it, it wasn’t there.

After searching a security camera and witnessing a couple taking his stuff, he was determined to teach future porch pirates a lesson.

“If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, you just sort of feel violated,” Rober said, “and I took this to the police, and even with the video evidence, they said it’s just not worth their time to look into — so you also feel powerless. And I just felt like something needed to be done to take a stand against dishonest punks like this.”

Rober — whose accomplishments include spending 9 years working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, not to mention creating a dartboard that moves to hit a bullseye — ultimately engineered the sophisticated bait package that contained four smartphones to record reactions from every angle.

The box contained a GPS locator and accelerometer that triggered the phones to start recording when the box was moved, and when opened, released the glitter along with an automatic can of “fart spray.”

Watch the full, very satisfying video above.

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