WATCH: Idris Elba Laughs At Reporter Who Asks Would Kamala Harris ‘Make a Good President?’ During Africa Trip


Hollywood star Idris Elba was asked flat-out if he thinks Vice President Kamala Harris would “make a good president” and will he be the next James Bond as he joined the VP for part of her Africa trip.

Vice President Harris is currently on a trip to the African continent that will take her to Ghana, Zambia, and Tanzania. On Monday, Elba joined Harris for a visit to Vibrate Studio in Accra, Ghana, where he spoke with reporters for several minutes following the VP’s appearance.

Among the questions were the by-now-well-worn 007 question and whether the VP would “make a good president,” both of which earned emphatic and disparate responses:

REPORTER: Will you be the next James Bond?

IDRIS ELBA: No! (laughs)

REPORTER: Idris, you think she would make a good president?

IDRIS ELBA: (Laughs) Do I think the VP would? Yeah, of course! Yeah, of course!

REPORTER: You’ve got to see the vice president behind closed doors. Something that we don’t get to see. Can you give us some sense of what it’s like to be with her, what you know, how she tackles these issues?

IDRIS ELBA: Just to be clear, I haven’t had that much time, personal time with VP behind closed doors. And the two times we have met was a smaller meeting at the African Leaders Summit and very personable, as you might see her in the media. She’s very personable, very engaged. But this trip, she was very, very specific about wanting to make sure that she does come to to Africa. She does, you know, connect, reconnect with me and Sabrina. And she’s true to her word. You know, she’s a very thoughtful, forthright person and someone that I think, you know, she’s going to say it. She’ll do it.

REPORTER: So, you’re not like texting partners with her.


Watch above via C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman and watch the full interview and appearance here.

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