WATCH: Access Hollywood Live Mistakenly Identifies Jet Tila as ‘Chef Jet Li’; Uhh…

Are we missing something? Is “Jet Li” Chef Jet Tila’s nickname? An ass-kicking alter-ego, perhaps? Or is this just a SUPER OFFENSIVE GAFFE on Access Hollywood’s part? Didn’t anyone learn anything from that San Francisco plane crash pilot names debacle? Apparently that story didn’t make it down to Los Angeles. At least not all the way to the Access Hollywood Live control room.

Jet Tila was on the show this morning, making some delicious-looking drunken noodles, when his title card intro-ed him as “Chef Jet Li, Culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine.” Except that there is no Chef Jet Li. There is a Chef Jet Tila, who a culinary ambassador of Thai cuisine, and an actor named Jet Li, who is Chinese, number one, and also a film producer, martial artist, and wushu champion, born in Beijing. Two different people. From two different countries (although, to be fair, Jet Tila does have a Cantonese grandmother, but still). Keep it classy, Access Hollywood. And by “classy,” we mean, “not racist, please.”

Check out the clip below.

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