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Adam Richman Shows Off Impressive Network Primetime Slimdown

Wait, does this mean, he isn’t the menschy, virile everyman who gets boned all the time anymore?! Adam Richman, probably awash in the terrors of network primetime lights/camera/action (you know, the same kind that gave Bourdain this intense tan), has undergone an impressive slimdown from his Travel Channel Man vs Food days. Behold: the new and improved, NBC-primetime-host-ready Adam Richman, courtesy of Instagram:

Richman tweeted along with the image, “If you dream it, you can be it. Never give up&fuck the haters. No substitute for hard work & discipline. Here’s proof.” We, for one, are majorly, majorly impressed. He looks downright hipster twiggy. And we’re sure his booming presence isn’t diminished in the slightest (holla Yale Drama School). You can catch Adam on NBC’s Food Fighters later this summer.


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