Alice Waters Predicts the Future of Food for WSJ’s 125-Year Anniversary

The Wall Street Journal just celebrated 125 years in print, and along with scooping up Taylor Swift to divine the future of the music industry, they asked Alice Waters to weigh in on the direction food was heading in the next century.

She calls out the predictable parties and champions local farmers and mom-and-pop restaurants “with little enthusiasm for franchises” as the best method of overcoming fast food and Big Ag. However, she argues, we can’t dismantle the factory farming system without some political accountability:

“[The local and sustainable] movement poses a threat to fast-food businesses and industrial food companies, both of which I predict will continue to shape-shift and co-opt their values for profit. As long as their products continue to be supported by government subsidies, they will be successful. The reality is that the sustainable-food movement’s reach will grow only to a point and ultimately will be limited to those with access, means and education—unless legislators dramatically change food and agriculture policy.”

Your move, legislators.

[Wall Street Journal]

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