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WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Preaches World Peace, Feeds Carson Daly Chicken Hearts

Andrew Zimmern stopped by The Today Show this morning — sidenote: wearing the world’s most adorable-looking grandpa cardigan styled to look like a blazer — to force-feed Savannah Guthrie chicken hearts preach the good word of Bizarre Foods, and how it’s ultimately a show about cultural tolerance. Said Andrew:

“At its very core, it’s about practicing patience, tolerance, and understanding with the world. If we can try food — something that we all love, everybody loves food, right? — from another culture, maybe we’ll be a little less prone to get down on somebody because of their politics, sexuality, religion, or musical taste.”

And then all the Today Show anchors pulled their best gross-out faces eating perfectly delicious offal. Actually, Carson Daly admitted everything was delicious. Oh, you didn’t know he’s a Today Show anchor now? Yeah, you’re old. We’re old. The world is old. Check out the clip below.

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