WATCH: April Bloomfield Makes Jimmy Fallon Sing For His Supper

April Bloomfield guest cheffed last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. To make her feel at home, Fallon took up a British accent for beginning of the segment in which he and Bloomfield made “mushy peas on toast,” a dish she said is as “British as the Queen.”

While scooping the mush, the two broke out in song (“Scoop-a-dee-doop”), and the singing continued as Fallon did an original rendition of “Working at the Egg Wash” while brushing yolk on “sausages in a roll” (which we call “pigs in a blanket” here in the States). Unless you’re Jimmy Fallon, in which case you call them “the best american thing ever.”

Bloomfield was on the show to promote her upcoming gig on Mind of a Chef on PBS, as well as her not-so-new cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig, which Fallon reminds us is “not a children’s book.” See all the singing and mush-slinging for yourself in the clip below.

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