And The Winner Of The 2013 Bocuse d’Or Is…

After months of training, and two days of competition (day one and day two thankfully tweeted by Thomas Keller), a winner was finally announced at the Bocuse d’Or. The world is waiting at the edge of their seats, and no country more so than America, who wants to finally bring home the gold. We’ll be updating with results as they come in, but you can watch the proceedings on our livestream. THIS IS SO EXCITING.

Best Promotion: Guatemala
Best Poster: Hungary
Best Commis/Assistant in the Kitchen: Kristian Curtis, United Kingdom
Best Fish, a.k.a. the “Special Fish Prize”: Norway
Best Beef, a.k.a. the “Special Meat Prize”: United Kingdom
Third Place (the Bocuse d’Bronze): Japan. It’s the first time they’ve made the podium, apparently! Go Japan!
Second Place (the Bocuse d’Argent): Denmark
First Place (the Bocuse d’Or): France

Congratulations to all the winners, and America is still number one in our hearts. #TeamBatman

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