WATCH: Cat Cora & Sharon Osbourne Go Rogue on The Talk, Because There Are No Rules In Stir Fry!

Around the World in 80 Plates host and Iron Chef Cat Cora pretty easily busted Sharon Osbourne for not being much of a cook when she stopped by The Talk for a cooking demo. She was showing off an easy peasy chicken stir fry, but was immediately tipped off when Sharon began frantically waving a spatula over a pot of warming sesame oil for no apparent reason.

“So…how often do you cook Sharon?” Cat delicately asked the hostess.

“All the time!” Sharon exclaimed. “In my mind.”

Well, you can just imagine what else goes on in Sharon Osbourne’s mind, or you can watch her try to correct Cat’s cooking in the most adorable British grandmotherly way possible.

Cora, meanwhile, hopefully encourages all of us that we don’t have to cook to be a fan of cooking shows; just watching and having a greater appreciation for food afterward makes one foodie enough. It also helps, as she points out, that there are no rules in stir fry. Thanks for affirming our existence, girlfriend! And just keep wafting that sesame oil, Sharon. That totally makes it taste better.

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