Welcome To Restauros: A Game Of Thrones Celebrity Chef Mash-Up

Why should Parks and Recreation characters get to have all the fun? Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres this Sunday on HBO, in case you live under a rock, or in a faraway land devoid of subway ads, and we couldn’t resist playing casting director. So, we transported the most powerful characters of Celeb Chefdom into the Game of Thrones universe for a little game of Who’s Who. Behold: the Houses of Restauros below.

…Oh wait! You should totally cue this up for ambiance:

  1. 1. Megan Draper Will Get A Role <strong>1. Megan Draper Will Get A Role</strong> I think that Megan's dream of an acting career is going to pay off in the season finale, and she's going to get a part. I think it will be something that poses a challenge her youthful willingness to adapt to change ("I don't want to be in advertising anymore! Sure, I'll marry my boss!" and so on), in that it will require her to temporarily move somewhere else or have some other complication that Don certainly won't like. Or, in what might be a rather soapy twist for Mad Men, a pregnancy that we've seen hinted at — most overtly in the episode where Don and Megan went to the suburbs for a dinner party — might throw a wrench in the works, since Megan doesn't seem particularly interested in children at the moment.
  2. 2. SCDP Will Land Dow Chemical <strong>2. SCDP Will Land Dow Chemical</strong> It's certainly possible that the firm will acquire Dow Chemical as a client, especially after Don's rousing speech to Ed Baxter in last week's episode. I wonder, though, if there will be a complication that arises from Ken Cosgrove's request to keep Pete out of the loop. Perhaps Dow will insist on working with Pete, given how much his star has risen post-Jaguar, and the firm will have to risk alienating Ken in order to keep their fancy client.
  3. 3. Ken Cosgrove Will Leave SCDP <strong>3. Ken Cosgrove Will Leave SCDP</strong> I don't know how seriously I believe this, but I definitely think he is being set up for some kind of confrontation with SCDP/the ad industry at large. He's still grossed out about what happened to Joan in "The Other Woman," he was abandoned by Peggy despite their pact to stay together or leave together, and he'd rather be a fiction writer than an ad man. I think he's going to do some serious questioning of his career in the final episode, given that he'll be taking a much more active role in the firm if Dow comes aboard.
  4. 4. Betty Will Finally Lose All That Weight <strong>4. Betty Will Finally Lose All That Weight</strong> Betty's fuller figure has made her nastier this season than she's ever been, and she's taken much of her unhappiness out on Sally and Megan (though poor Henry Francis has not been spared, either). I think that she'll succeed in getting her weight under control, at which point she'll have to face the reality — again — that her unhappiness and dissatisfaction with her life have very little to do with her looks. Also, we will find out that the Francis house is haunted (having seen the place in all its terrifying glory this season, I don't think this is all that far-fetched.
  5. 5. Bobby Draper, Dawn the Secretary, Salvatore Romano and Stan Rizzo Will Form a "Little-Seen Characters" Union <strong>5. Bobby Draper, Dawn the Secretary, Salvatore Romano and Stan Rizzo Will Form a " /> All right, no one actually cares about Bobby Draper, but the show should give Dawn at least one scene in the finale, if only to book-end the first episode of the season, which ended with SCDP's reluctant integration. And if they can bring back Paul Kinsey, they can certainly bring back Sal, right? And what happened to Stan? How is he dealing with his BFF Peggy's absence? The little-seen Mad Men characters need love too. At the very least, the show ought to set them up to do some interesting things in Season 6.

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