Did Eddie Huang Lose His TED Fellowship For Going On A Porn Star’s Podcast? (UPDATE)

Straight outta Compton Long Beach comes the news that Eddie Huang, who was a TED Fellow among other things, may have been forcefully rejected by the digital thinking elite:

To explain in more than 140 characters:

David Choe is a Facebook multimillionaire artist/professional insane person, and Asa Akira is a famous porn actress. Together, they do a podcast (DVDASA), for which Eddie Huang presumably skipped a few panel discussions. The talks could’ve been way less exciting than a porny podcast, but if Eddie missed the panel discussion with our celebrity billionaire icon Elon Musk, we shall never forgive.

UPDATE: Huang’s response:

I got booted for going to LA and doing the DVD ASA podcast. Ted has 12 to 15 hours of activities a day that they want you at and they bug out if you leave. But other people missed events too and weren’t booted so who knows.

The TED Fellows Terms and Regulations state similar rules:

  • All Fellows must attend all pre-conference and conference events. Late arrival and early departure from the conference are grounds for dismissal.
  • Any behavior that could bring discredit to the TED Fellows program is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program at TED’s sole discretion.

Huang’s dismissal could be due to a combination of both, but we’re pretty sure that TED speakers only hang out with porn stars as research for their Freakonomics ripoff anyway.

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