WATCH: Eddie Huang Critiques The Persian Community Of Los Angeles On Fresh Off The Boat

Eddie Huang kicked off Part One of his three-part Los Angeles Fresh Off the Boat episode in Persian LA, AKA, Tehrangeles, where he hoped he’d “run into the iron sheik at the grocery store, cop some plutonium on the corner, [and] catch a afternoon saffron rainstorm.”

What actually happened: he visited a Persian rug dealership. Yeah, we mean it when we say “dealership,” — they cost $25,000 and take a decade to weave. Also: a sandwich shop that “puts the brain out on frontstreet,” a saffron ice cream shop where any immigrant kid’s grandpa would proudly take him or her after a cool 1500 on their SATs, and a hookah bar. Eddie’s main beef with the Persian community of LA? He says in the closer:

“We went to Persian LA. It’s like a good 3-5 blocks, but it’s really like, a book store, a music store, an ice cream shop, a rug shop, a sandwich shop. You know, a collection of business is not necessarily a community. You need the people in there. You need like, the vigor, you need the energy, you need the sounds, you need the flavors. You wish that this culture would plant their flag a little deeper in LA.”

Ummm, has he seen an episode of Shahs of Sunset? Those flags are deep, bro.

Check out Part One of Los Angeles below.

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