FOOD FEUD: Everyone Better Stop Mistaking Tyler Florence For The Voice’s Blake Shelton OR ELSE

Ex-LFO member Tyler Florence might have escaped 1990s boyband-dom unscathed, but now he’s railing against one of country music’s most visible stars: The Voice judge Blake Shelton. We can’t believe we didn’t come up with them in either of our favorite celebrity chef doppelgangers roundups, because apparently, Ty-Flo gets mistaken for Blake ten times a week. It’s hard out here for Tyler Florence, you guys.

Does Blake Shelton adopt baby chicks and build hen houses for them in his backyard to raise them as his own? Does Blake Shelton single-handedly de-claw Instagram trolls by moderating group therapy sessions in a comment thread?

In conclusion, Blake Shelton should not be getting any of the praise meant for Tyler Florence, nor should Tyler Florence be forced to answer for any of Blake’s Voice eliminations, or be accused of associating with Carson Daly. (J/K Carson, TRL 4-eva. We miss when you would paint only your ring finger nail black, like your soul.)


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