WATCH: Gail Simmons Channels Guy Fieri For Christmas Eve Dinner With ‘Hogs In A Blanket’

Alright, we get it. Gail Simmons was on Good Morning America today to demo three easy dishes with five ingredients or less that you could whip up in a pinch to bulk up your Christmas Eve dinner, or to swap in as a replacement for something you may or may not have burnt.

But hogs in a blanket? Is sweet, sassy, expressive Gail Simmons really hawking us biker food? Worry not; it sounds a lot rougher than it is. And it involves a muffin tin, so it’s totally dainty! Think Andouille sausage wrapped in puff pasty, sliced into pieces, and served with chutney. Totally respectable. Maybe work on the name.

Check out the clip below for another side dish and a dessert that are definitely worthy of your holiday table, and not a sticky Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar four-top.

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