WATCH: Giada Stacks Up Cooking For Will & Kate Against Cooking For The Golden Globes

Giada De Laurentiis is no Michelin-starred restaurant chef, but she is, apparently, the girl to call when you need to cater a schmoozy, incredibly high-brow Los Angeles party. She cooked for Prince William and Kate Middleton on their recent, pre-nude paparazzi photo trip to California, where Wills hadn’t been since he was little, and Kate had never been at all. No big deal, G. Just turn out some meatball madness and let them have at it. Oh, what’s that? They wanted an all-vegetarian menu? Uh…

She also catered the Golden Globes dinner, which she described as equally nerve-racking. Silly Giada! Everyone knows Hollywood actresses are only there for drinks, until their inhibitions are lowered enough to eat, and then they just binge on desserts. Duh.

Check out all the Hollywood food scene scoop from Giada on her appearance on The Talk earlier today.

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