Last Call: Stop Stealing Grant Achatz’s Straws, Everyone

Eater: Grant Achatz’s restaurant The Aviary has upped surveillance due to the amount of customers who have been stealing the metal straws. We’ve never seen a metal straw before, but there’s a good chance we’d be tempted to take it, too. (Sorry, Grant!)

New York Times: The newest entry into the hoagie/sub/whatever debate: introducing the “camel rider”, a Jacksonville, Florida staple, which includes cold cuts served in pita bread.

Gilt Taste: A beautifully written essay about lifelong dieting and finally learning to enjoy food. Ask any chef, ever: the fattening foods are the best foods.

Daily Meal: For those of you who are still in mourning over the death of Robsten, here is a compilation of their dinner dates from the last three years. If you play the Twilight soundtracks in the background, it’s just like old times again.

Delish: ArKay whiskey has no sugar, no fat, and no alcohol. So what’s the point of it, then?

Grub Street: Upper West Siders are so upset about a candy store opening in their neighborhood that they’ve taken to vandalizing the building. To quote the great Ron Weasley: they need to straighten out their priorities.

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