Last Call: Jamie Oliver Comments on a Possible US Expansion

Grub Street: Jamie Oliver’s verbatim take on US restaurant expansion: “Maybe I’ll grow some balls and sort it out!” Admirable.

New York Times: “Concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh” roughly translates to “you can get your food delivered to a manhole, if you so choose.” We defy you to find us a better food city.

New Yorker: Ugh, we take that back. This week’s issue of The New Yorker has a poem about kale in it. New York is the worst.

The Daily Mash: According to what we’re told is the British version of The Onion, but frankly, we don’t have an intern to fact-check this, so use your judgment: old people in the UK suffer from a pathological inability to pronounce the word “chorizo” properly. Seems legit.

Food & Wine: Andrew Zimmern loves balls of food. Look at all his favorite balls.

Esquire: Esquire’s Best New Restaurants of 2013 will become the Best Regular Restaurants of 2014, so borrow Alan Richman’s psychic warlock steeze and impress your friends.

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