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Last Call: I Am IRON CHEF

Reddit: Has he lost his head? Is he a hero or is he a chef? Is this just a dream? Or does his cooking reign supreme? (DUN, DUN, DUH DUH DUH.)

The Guardian: Did you always think that “tasting the rainbow” was a silly advertising catchphrase that would trick you into buying more Skittles? Apparently, you can actually taste a rainbow…of colors. (Sorry, people who try to eat actual rainbows.)

Fox News: The news has swiftly surfaced that last night’s winner of The Taste Khristianne Uy has had a series of drug-related arrests, including meth charges, and possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. Fox News seems to find this shocking, but we read that scary story about Andrew Zimmern’s near-death vodka binge, so, in chef/drug comparison, this girl seems to have her shit together. Or at least a really good agent.

The Huffington Post: Here’s a cute, informative video about eggs — namely, the difference between cage-free, free-range, and pasture-raised labels. Actually, we lied. Only one of those options is cute.

Obama Foodorama: White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford left her heart and/or stomach in San Francisco on a recent visit. Food trucks have claimed another passionate zombie slave. (She’s obsessed with them.)

New York Post: In not-at-all-new news, mixologists can be total asshats. As a friendly reminder, New York Post compiled a list of the city’s greatest offenders.

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