Let’s Discuss Paul Bocuse’s Tattoo (and How Much Cooler He Is Than All Of Us)

Presented without comment, Paul Bocuse posted a pic of himself showing off his tattoo. We have so many questions.

Namely, what is that tattoo? A hen? A regular ol’ rooster? According to one Facebook commenter, it is a Delaware blue hen. A Delaware blue hen is something that we didn’t know existed until today. One commenter took this blue hen to mean that he’s from Delaware, which he is not — he was born in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, France. Another commenter took it to believe that it was a memoir of the pigeons in Lyon … which makes more sense, considering he works there. Or are we just sh*t out of luck there and should probs just assume that it’s just a hen? MK then.

Also, what is he doing posting a pic of the tattoo? Then again, who are we to ask questions?

Nevertheless, a recap: Paul Bocuse has a tattoo, will forever be a better cook than you, and will forever be cooler than you. You’re all caught up now.


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