PHOTO: Masaharu Morimoto Has Cooler Friends Than You

Here’s what we’re puzzling over today: how does Masaharu Morimoto get into such awesome parties? He poses here with Pharrell Williams and Q-Tip at Tuesday’s 10th anniversary celebration of the clothing retailer Billionaire Boys Club, hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

Seriously, we love Morimoto and his excitable ways, but how does he get to hang with Beyonce and Pharrell? We’d get it if Eddie Huang or Marcus Samuelsson were invited (but oh man, what an awkward party that’d be), but seriously, look how happy he is compared to those two cool hip hop dudes. It may be fair to say he’s “geeking out” right now. He’s judged Miss Universe (and worked as a male model). He’s pitched baseball games. He’s even made slushies out of beer. He’s served presidents, tennis stars, and Robert Irvine. (Beyonce is pretty much the same as all of these people.)

It’s probably because Morimoto’s got that Hot International High-End Sushi Restaurants Name Brand deal going on (he’s a hustler, homie, you a customer, crony). That’s a pretty acceptable answer for us. It is our policy at The Braiser to never hate the player. Or the game, really.

[h/t @chef_morimoto]

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