WATCH: A Blow By Blow Recap Of Michael Symon’s Crushing Defeat At SoBe Burger Bash

We were utterly profoundly devastated when Michael Symon lost this year’s Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash for the first time in four years. Yes, he’s crafted the winning burger the past three years running, with Bobby Flay coming in second place behind him for each of those three years. This year: the dark horse would rise.

Okay, so maybe we’re over-dramatizing, and we are pretty happy about Bobby’s signature potato-chip-topped burger finally getting the recognition it deserves. But poor Michael Symon hails from a perennially losing sports town, and we liked to think that being the shoe-in for Burger Bash every year helped dull the ache of Cleveland’s losses.

Check out a recap of last weekend’s Burger Bash, courtesy of today’s episode of The Chew, below.

Oh, fine. We’ll share Richard Blais and Carla Hall’s blessed Top Chef reunion from later in the episode, too. (We know. Their irresistible synergy is nonpareil.) Check out their two-part “burger quickfire” showdown below.

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