The KISS Guys Are Becoming Real Serious Restaurateurs, Plan On Opening 100 Restaurants

Are we on the verge of a celebrity restaurateurs bubble? Because we’re trying to figure out the internal logic of a restaurant operated and branded by the members of KISS, and we’re not coming up with anything.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, KISS’s co-founders, recently announced plans to open 100 franchises of their restaurant Rock & Brews around the globe in the next five years. They already have three (Rock & Brews recently openend a Los Angeles location), so 100 more? Completely feasible.

“We are spreading our tentacles!” Stanley told THR. “It’s a family friendly place where you don’t have to compromise your palate. Most of the time when you bring your kids to a restaurant, you are eating cardboard pizza or dried out macaroni and cheese. This is really your place where you can hang out, choose from one of our 80 craft beers, hear quality rock music and have a great night with your friends.”

So basically, it’s like every other American restaurant with a kids’ menu that plays quality rock music. Okay, fine, we’ll give it a few “we like you” points for the massive beer selection, and the fact that Gene Simmons seems to be best friends with Wolfgang Puck.


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