WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Shoots a Pigeon, Then Cooks It

Pigeons are disgusting. In New York City, they’re rats with wings. In other places, wood pigeons are an entirely different kind of pest- specifically, to farmers. Left unchecked, they can destroy entire crop fields. In his most recent upload to YouTube, Gordon Ramsay heads to Essex, where farmers work to keep the pigeon population down in order to have successful harvests.

Ramsay has another thing on his mind: lunch. After learning to shoot, he successfully kills a pigeon and uses it to prepare a pigeon breast with black pudding and pancetta over a salad. Leave it to him to make pigeon actually look appetizing, though we can’t imagine we’ll be ordering it anytime soon.

Watch the video below. Warning: it’s kind of gory, and there’s a lot of cursing:

[image via screen grab, YouTube]


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